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Vinita Nair – My favorite TV Anchor

Here’s what one of my friends has to say about Vinita Nair:

Hi all, I am a big fan of Vinita Nair. Being someone who wakes up very early, I rarely miss her morning shows. She co-anchors the widely seen World News Now and America This Morning on ABC every day. Basically from Colleyville, Texas she is doing a fabulous job.

Having finished her graduation in Texas with a degree in Journalism, she moved on to anchoring and reporting in the print media. She worked with KWGN – TV and KOLN/KGIN-TV in Lincoln and WYCC-TV, Nebraska prior to working in ABC.

She has written for ‘Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine’ and was a reporter for Talk Radio News in Washington D.C. She dedicated herself on reporting on multitude of topics like Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigation and the school shootings at Bailey, Colorado. She has also anchored daily morning and afternoon newscasts.


Hot Vinita Nair
Hot Vinita Nair

Her stint at ABC network is commendable. She worked on live coverage and news briefs for the ABC’s digital network. In ABC News, she co-anchors with Jeremy. Both have the best chemistry I feel that has made the reporting lively. ABC News President David Westin was pleased by her willingness to expand her role in the ABC network.

She has showed her versatility as an anchor, journalist and reporter with wide applause from all quarters of the print media. Very attractive, disciplined and has great sense of humor.

Sometimes when I am unable to watch her shows, I simply record it. Her diction and demeanor in reporting are truly outstanding.

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Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson engaged, wedding ceremony in June. (pics)

Playboy girls Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison – Hugh Hefner’s live in girlfriends have probably got what they wanted from the Playboy mansion and Girls next door – fame! After Holly Madison called it quits with Hefner last month, now it was Kendra Wilkinson’s turn.

Holly Madison was rumored seeing the magician Criss Angel, although she refused it in one of her interviews.

Hank Baskett of Philadelphia Eagles and Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy’s Girls Next Door fame have engaged and will marry soon.

“I have given her my blessing and will be giving her away at a very special wedding ceremony at the Playboy Mansion this coming June,” Hefner said.

Here are some pics of Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. Sorry, couldn’t find any of them together, so there you go:


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Aamir Khan’s Gajini (sorry Ghajini) to rock Bollywood! Amir’s new look

I’ve seen commercials on TV.. They’re showing thousand times a day in the UK on Zee, B4u, Star etc. (I live in London) and on almost every other Indian channel. Amir Khan, as usual looks great. The commercials show him with a reformed body, solid abs and chest. And then something happens in the movie and his look changes into a weird hairstyle, which, by the way, i really like!! 🙂

Amir Khan stars in the most awaited release of 2008 - ghajini
Amir Khan stars in the most awaited release of 2008 - ghajini

After Amir Khan’s taare zameen par, everyone has great expectation from Gajini and u bet Aamir Khan will do justice to it.

I just can’t wait for the movie to be out. Who else can’t wait? hands up people!

Ghajini (remake of south Indian Gajini) which is a remake of a hollywood movie Momento is the news of the hour.

Story of Momento and Gajini (Don’t read this 😉 ):

The movie is about Aamir Khan who has short term amnesia (memory loss) and whose sole motive is to take revenge for his wife’s murder. Starring with Aamir are Jiah Khan (who shot to fame after Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan) and Asin Thottumkal (a south Indian actress, really popular down there).

Aamir Khan plays Sanjay Ramasamy suffering from short term memory loss because he was hit by a metal rod. Here’s the plot – his memory lasts only about 15 mins. After a while he understands this and starts tattooing himself with everything Aamir thinks he needs to remember and taking pictures with his polaroid camera. A police officer finds out that Aamir khan has murdered several people in order to find his girlfriend/wife’s murderers. This story intrihues a student medical student who wants to write her medical project. The student finds out that Aamir Khan’s girlfriend was trying to save children (for a charitable purpose) and when some bad people who want to kidnap children find about this, they murder Amir Khan’s wife (or girlfriend – still not clear).

It’s being said that Amir has worked out in the gym for 3-4 hours everyday. Well, and it shows.. look at the pic above!

3D game based on the film Ghajini

They say this is going to be the best game ever made in India and its release will coincide with Ghajini’s (still don’t understand why they call this Ghajini and not Gajini) music release. Music score in this movie is by the legendary A R Rehman! Yoohoo! Kya film banayi hai yaar (this is my review without even watching it).

Ghajini is going to be the biggest hit of 2008. I bet!

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Ten years of Sex and the City: girlfriends like these

Sex and the City has been a phenomena for the last ten years. Has it really been that long? Yes it has. August 1998 was the airing of the first episode of this cult show, recently followed, in 2008, by a movie by the same name.

Carrie Bradshaw has changed every woman’s notion of fashion and given every girl dreams of what clothes are all about. One could go as far as to say that the show made Manolo Blahnik’s and Jimmy Choo’s iconic brands. But the one service (or dis-service as some critical religious groups may say) that Sex and the City has done for woman (and maybe, secretly, man) kind is all to do with (of course) sex. Sex and the City was undoubtedly the first mainstream show to openly discuss explicit sexual subjects. The discussions between the girlfriends, the Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes had women worldwide hooked and wishing they had friends like those. Those weekend brunch and after-work drinks conversations brought up every sex-related topic that females everywhere had been afraid to discuss and, quite frankly, many that the viewers had probably previously never thought about. Everything from STDs to girl on girl action.

The four friends had very different personality and in the real world it’s difficult to see how they could have come together as close as they were. Samantha Jones, try anything once, sex missionary (but in every position but missionary), self-confessed BJ-addict, different man every night but still made it look somehow classy. Almost all the porn and great sex advice in the show came from her scenes. Charlotte York: prom Queen, straight As, conservative, sexual prude even, looking for the perfect man, always offended at Samantha’s use of sexual language and, almost ironically, marries a man who has emotionally-rooted impotence and then discovers her own infertility. Carrie Bradshaw: made it all look so easy, always on top, that washboard stomach, rippling stomach muscles as she rode her man using those powerful thighs (and always seemed to make love with her bra on?), and of course the most emotionally attached to her sexual experiences. And finally utterly cynical Miranda Hobbes: who taught the masses about phone sex in season three, has predictable sex honed down to the last move with her partner;. The character that softens as she becomes a mother and later marries.

And let’s not forget the “fifth girlfriend” as, Stanford Blatch, gay best friend of Carrie Bradshaw and with almost as good taste in fashion (and men). Stanford is distinctly stereotypically gay but in a completely non-Will and Grace, “oh so hot, what a shame he’s gay, looking” way – all short, balding and teddy bear cute. And, accordingly, has dilemmas of his own with men and looks.

So, are we gonna miss these girlfriends, now that the show is finished and the movies been released? No. I’ve already started again at season one. And anyway, there is always Lipstick Jungle…

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Sexiest babe Sandra Taylor in a wet t-shirt on Howard Stern show! Pics

I’ve always loved the Howard Stern show, to the extend that everytime I log on to DailyMotion, that is my first search. The guy’s a lucky basta**!! Look at the girls he’s got on to his show and what he has made them do..

Well, I guess all previous records are now broken. My fav Sandra Taylor (Sandi Taylor or Sandy Taylor or Sandi Korn with love) was on his show and this is what she got up to – Getting all soaked in a wet T shirt with her friend Alana (not sure is its the right spelling). I guess she wanted to promote something and Howard Stern make it sound like she was one of the usual guests. Sandra, as usual was very sporty and down to earth. Will post the video as soon as I get my hands on it!

There are 100s of blogs out there with photos of Sandra Taylor, but I guess few have the ones from Howard Stern this morning:

Here are some exclusives that I almost died searching:

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Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens on beach – only I have the pictures!

I’ve already had 3 people asking me if I knew that Vanessa Hudgens’ and Bobby Bones’ vacation pics on the beach are out. Huh! Are they?? So I did some research and found this. Yeah, yeah, fine, these are not the ones you’re looking for, but it’s something.. init? (in a british accent)

Bobby and Vanessa are the newest and hottest celebrity couples with both supposedly seen together on vacation on a beach. Vanessa Hudgens, who started off with Disney pictures shot to fame, where Bobby Bones strated off as a radio jockey and turned actor later. You can bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens in times to come.

How did it all start?

Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens met on the sets of the movie Bandland where they’re acting opposite each other. Guess things might have got on well and they found a few intimate moments together!! eh? (if these pics are real and if the guy’s Bobby Bones)

I’m not sure if these are the pics, you can tell me if these aren’t and I’ll find and post new ones.. 😀

I guess this is just something celebrities do purposely. They leak out rumours that they’re going out.. and then one day you hear about their intimate pics and videos. It forms the breaking news and the next thing we know, we have another couple being followed by the paparazzi 24×7. And then cleverly, they plan a breakup a few months down the line.. what do you get then? News! MASALA!! More GOSSIP! If you are a wannabe famous personality, all you gotta do is – try your best to find a popular person in your family tree, business contacts, friend of friends.. anyone.. make sure they’re single and then be seen holding that star in a public appearance. You’ve gotta make sure though that it seems you guys were trying to hide! Bingo! You’ll be a star overnight! Ok, that was your “super tip of the day” (my first ever).

I’m struggling to find pics or videos of Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens but I want ’em. Does anyone know where to look?

Breaking News – Threats to shut my blog down!!

After i posted this, I’ve been receiving threats from various people, including someone with a gmail id (haha and they expect me to believe a word they’re saying) claiming to be an intern at Disney (where Vanessa Hudgens started off) and asking me to remove this post. identifying herself as Andrea Smith, the person refuses to mail me from her official ID, so I can take that as an official warning.

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit more important since this has happened. Imagine seized because of a false report!! That should be some publicity and I’m sure I’ll make it into Disney for a voiceover on one of their new animated movies.. and who knows, maybe Vanessa and Arjun is the next REAL celebrity couple. 😉

BTW, this post was based on some links taken from Google news about Bobby Bones and Vanessa Hudgens’ making out pics.

Food for thought? Do you think it’s Vanessa Hudgens herself mailing me? Maybe she hates Bobby Bones so much that the thought of them making out repulses her??

Who wants that Email Id?


Guys, ready for Lingerie Football? Exclusive new pics

When I first saw what they do in “Girls gone wild”, I went wilder (guys usually go wilder), and now the US has pioneered another sexy first – Lingerie football! wo!

Here are some pics from Virgin Media

Lingerie football?
Lingerie football?

All ready, with a 10 team league, Lingerie football will kick off soon. This version of American football, with sweaty girls and a full contact rough game, with girls clad in sports bras, colorful helmets, pads and bikinis they wouldn’t be wrong to call it the “real” fantasy football.

Teams: Tampa Breeze, Los Angeles Temptation, Seattle Mist, Phoenix Scorch, Dallas Desire, San Diego Seduction, New England Euphoria, Atlanta Steam, Chicago Bliss and Miami Caliente.

How it started: It started as a Superbowl half time, half an hour entertainment stunt and has now grown into a Linger Football league.

Is it really a sport? After watching a few videos of these gorgeous babes practicing, I’m sure this’ll be something like watch X Factor wannabes singing and doing weird stuff – resulting in nothing but a good laugh!

Here you go- have a look:

I still can’t wait. Can you?