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Approximately what percentage of Costa Rica’s land area is in protected areas?

Today’s question on Marriott World of Rewards:

Approximately what percentage of Costa Rica’s land area is in protected areas?


23 percent

(Obtained from Wikipedia)

A little about Costa Rica and its protected areas

Costa Rica lies in that little strip below Mexico between the two continents – North America and South America. Surrounded by the Pacific ocean and Carribean sea on either sides, Costa Rica has plenty of beaches and the weather every holiday maker dreams of.

A fantastic place to live, Costa Rica was ranked 4th among Latin American in terms of HDI (Human Development Index) and 1st in all Americas and 5th world-wide in terms of Environmental Performance Index with 23% of its area preserved in protected areas.

No wonder the question about Costa Rica had to do with its protected areas.

Good luck to everyone! Have received almost 50,000 participants on this site, and never once has anyone claimed winning a prize. Hope we hear something today. Tomorrow is the last day of the quiz 🙂


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3 replies on “Approximately what percentage of Costa Rica’s land area is in protected areas?”

I found your site while searching for answers for the Marriott game. My husband and I have been playing but we haven’t won anything either. Well, we haven’t won yet. I remain optimistic. Maybe tomorrow!

Thanks for the information.

I have done all the questions, and let me tell you, it is much easier coming to this site every day and all the extra information you provide is great….oh, I won nothing, nada, zilch, niente, zero, nix….


And I have to say they make you jump through hoops just to get to the question. Hitting all these links, no auto fill / remember my password, etc, just for a stupid contest, and the prizes were not all that great

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