Electronic Cigarette – Any good? Do Electric Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

This is my first hand review of Electric Cigarettes – If you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking, then read on:

Right, so first of all you need to make your mind up to quit. Unless you have the motivation to quit, it’ll be hard – whether it’s fear of lung cancer (chances of which increase massively after the age of 34), fear of having an unhealthy baby, fear of bad skin, low stamina, fear of any other form of cancer (mouth, throat) or even fear of low sexual appetite or whether it’s a sudden awakening where you just want to be healthier, or you want to quit for a loved one – anything! To quit smoking you need motivation and once you have that, there are many things that can help you quit. Electric cigarettes are one of them.

Today I will review E-Lites – the electronic cigarette I have been using for some time now.

Once you decide to quit, it is natural for you to have nicotine cravings. Nicotine is the substance, found in tobacco that gets you addicted to cigarettes, whereas TAR is the substance produced when tobacco is burnt that gives you cancer. In order to deal with that nicotine craving, you may want to give your body nicotine in ways other than smoking real cigarettes and reduce its quantity gradually to completely lose nicotine addiction. Following are some popular nicotine replacement products:

  1. Nicotine patches – These are good, and I’ve tried these, but they give me a constant lump in my throat and when I do see my colleagues taking a cigarette break, I cannot resist. So for me – Nicotine patches fail.
  2. Nicotine chewing gum – Better, much better than nicotine patches. reason why nictone gum is better than nicotine patches is – you chew it when you feel the craving. Once you’ve chewed it, you know that you’ve taken some action to substitute for smoking. With a patch, you do nothing, it’s glued to your body and you’re constantly thinking of smoking (or at least that’s how I feel). So go ahead and buy some nicotine gum and see if that works for you. When your colleagues go for a cigarette break, you take your gum and go out for that break that your body is so used to. Nicotine gum – pass!
  3. Nicotine lozenges – same as nicotine chewing gum, except you don’t chew it, you suck it like a toffee.
  4. Nicotine inhalers (nose inhalers and mouth inhalers) – A very quick way of getting nicotine into your body using your lungs, in stead of mouth lining, which is used in case of gum and lozenges and your skin which is used in case of nicotine patches. Pass – you take action, take your attention off whatever you’re doing, take out your inhaler, inhale and you feel you’ve done what’s required to give your body nicotine.
  5. Non nicotine based quitting techniques like acupuncture, yoga etc – I can’t comment on these as I haven’t tried them, but I have a friend who found great success with acupuncture.
  6. Nicotine Mouth Sprays (you may have heard about Nicorette – for every cigarette, there’s a Nicorette) – I have used Nicorette and I can tell you it is one of the worst tasting nicotine replacement products. A big FAIL, I’m afraid. Many of my friends couldn’t use it after the first spray and if you have a slight cut in your tongue, (as I did once) God help you bear the pain.
  7. Electronic Cigarettes – Electric cigarettes are battery operated gadgets that have something called an atomiser and a nicotine carrying gel. The atomiser breaks the gel into very fine smoke-like gaseous particles that can be inhaled and look like smoke. This is probably not the most accurate definition if you’re looking to get in to the science bit – please Google it. The atomiser and battery remain, but the nicotine gel runs out and needs replacing once in a while. I have only tried E-Lites and I have to say – E-cigarettes are the easiest and most innovative solution to quit smoking. Here’s why:
    1. It takes time to smoke – When you smoke an E-cigarette, it takes you 2-3 minutes until you start feeling you’ve had enough. Most of us smoke cigarettes socially – smoking gives us a break, an opportunity to get away from work, talk with colleagues, just an overall better feeling. All forms of nicotine replacement change that. With electric cigarettes however, you can still go out for that little break without giving yourself cancer.
    2. It gives you that “back of the throat” push like real cigarettes do –  I did try one non-electronic tobacco-less cigarette once and the main reason why I couldn’t stick to it was – it didn’t give me the smoke punch that a real cigarette does. E-Lites are miraculous because these guys have been able to generate smoke thick enough to give that back of the throat push.
    3. It is cheaper – Don’t know by how much etc. Please go to E-Lites website to see their packages, but this is way cheaper than buying a 20 pack for 7.50 pound sterling.
    4. It feels like a real cigarette – You hold it like a real cigarette, it gives out smoke like a real cigarette. It is about 5 times heavier though (because of the in-built battery).
    5. These usually come in various flavours – Although E Lites only do normal cigarette and menthol flavours, other E-cigarette companies do various other flavours like apple, grape, clove, menthol, coffee, cherry, blueberry etc.
    6. Leaves you with no excuse to continue smoking – People who continue to smoke, to me are just losers. This is as close as you can get to real smoking without getting cancer – what else do you want!! Excuses like “It’s not the same” are just loser talk. Of course it’s not the same, it’s an electronic representation to help YOU live longer! lol!

Electric Cigarettes – PASS!

As I said, first find the motivation to quit and then go ahead and buy yourself an electronic cigarette (don’t buy the disposable ones, buy the rechargeable ones) and quit smoking. Please! Do yourself and your family this favour – live! Quitting smoking has never been this easy. Good luck!


Corruption in India (via Jago India)

Going through this post and reading the comment at the bottom, it makes me realise how deep rooted corruption is in India. It is a shame how every common man is forced to participate in it. Good post – very simple question – do you have the answer?

The law which says that the one who pays bribe is also an offender is the biggest promoter of corruption in India. People are pushed to the wall to pay bribe, naturally against their will. And when they have paid it, they cannot complain because paying a bribe is also an offense. This is the reason why the morale of those who openly demand bribe is so high in this country. Imagine a situation. You are on a railway platform at 2am on a winter nigh … Read More

via Jago India

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Home Office Furniture Collections – Home Office Furniture

In the age of globalization offices do not have boundaries and time zones. One has to be present 24/7 and the sun never sets as the other part of the globe is working. Hence it has almost become a necessity to have a home office workspace. A basic home office will need home office furniture collections to make your work comfortable and organized. Read the article to know more about home office furniture collections.

Home Office Furniture Collections

When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.  ~Betty Bender. There was a time when people would go to offices, do their job and come back home happily.  But in this day and age, things are different, globalization has changed the way people work, with limitless working hours and deadlines to be completed at odd times. It requires employees to go that extra mile, and hence almost everyone carries office work to home. It is thus practical and ideal to have a home office where one can work in the vicinity of their comforts and also enjoy quality time with family. To make your home office functional and comfortable you will require home office furniture collections. The basic things required for home office is the space and home office furniture collections. These include a table, chair and cabinets. If you have enough budgets for your home office furniture collections then you can add more luxury and higher end fittings according to your choices. If you think you want to invest sensibly in comfortable and functional home office furniture collections then you can opt for budget furniture.

How To Buy Home Office Furniture Collections

A home office sounds very exciting and one cannot include a typical office décor at home. It is different in the sense that home office furniture collections have to be designed in such a way that the home office matches up with the rest of home décor. Home office furniture collections must as well as provide structured and comfortable working environment. A professional design of the home office will surely bring out the sincerity and organized way of working at home. Home office furniture collections will include a chair, computer desk, storage cabinets and maybe a bookshelf to make it functional and complete. One vital thing that you have to keep in mind when buying home office furniture collections is the space that you have for a home office. A small space area would require sleek and foldable home office furniture collections as bulky and heavy crafted furniture will mar the look of the room and will be overwhelming with regard to space. You might find yourself tempted to buy attractive and higher end designs for home office furniture collections but budget, size and space might held you back. There is nothing to get gloomy as you have wide range of home office furniture collections for every budget, taste, design, patterns and sizes to choose from. You can either buy home office furniture collections from malls, local markets, used furniture sellers, classifieds or online shops.  To increase the efficiency and productivity of work from home it is important to keep the color and design of the home office furniture collections to gel with home décor as matching colors and ergonomic design will help the home office provide an effective visual outlook and also keep your general health in check. Home office furniture collections should be of ergonomically standards as too much of heighted furniture items can cause back ache or too wide a table or too near might cause strain to your eyes. Proper lighting at the work space area of the home office is an important factor as you do not want to doze away due to dim lights or cause undue strain to the eye because of light directly falling on the eyes.

Home Office Furniture

  • To set up a home office the first important thing is decide the space in your house and décor it with comfortable home office furniture collections. It can be a corner of your bedroom, a garage, a store room, or simply an extra unused room. Whatever be it first have a layout design of the space for you work area.
  • Eliminate all the clutter and unwanted and unused things from the working space. Once you have an area to set up a home office, it is time to decide for your home office furniture collections.
  • A lot of people use the dining table and chair as computer table, but in the long run it is not comfortable and the environment is unsuitable for office work as lot of activity and disturbances can happen. Important papers and files might get displaced from moving from place to place and it makes sense to have a workspace to you with complete home office furniture collections.
  • A proper desk, chair, storage cabinets and bookshelves form the basic items of the home office furniture collections. Keeping the home office furniture collections in place makes your work from home more organized, productive and efficient.
  • Invest in ergonomically designed furniture or the ones that suit your body comfort. Home office furniture collections come in various styles, shapes, patterns and designs. Select the furniture size and shape according to the area of the workspace. If you are using a corner of the room then invest in sleek and functional furniture. If you have a larger space you can go for higher end, high crafted furniture collections for your home office designs.
  • Material that you select for your home office furniture collections is also of vital importance, although wooden furniture is an all time favorite with people, you can check out on steel, plastics, lather, glass and fiber material for your home office furniture collections.
  • You can choose budget furniture to higher end costly home office furniture collections items. It is always advisable to buy home office furniture collections items at best deals offer during holiday seasons, festival seasons, sale clearances, local markets classifieds and online stores.
  • The color of the home office furniture collections plays an important role in keeping your motivation and spirits high. Dark and bright colors are good for creative fields of jobs and light colors are good to calm you down and release your stress. Also keep the home décor in the house when buying home office furniture collections as matching sets will uplift the total look of the house.
  • In the end it is your home office, take liberty with your imagination, budget and creative ideas and make a functional, practical and compatible work space area for your home. You can also take professional help and consultants to make your home office realty. Maintain the quality of the furniture collections as this will be useful when you decide to sell or replace or move the home office furniture collections in future.
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Alternative Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Alternative Energy Stocks – New Entrant in the Stock Market Arena

Conservation and search for alternative energies make energy stocks very attractive for investors of all types. A few energy stocks can do wonders for your stock portfolio.

This article would help all those who invest in stocks and according to current trend is building energy stocks portfolio. Alternative energy stocks are the current favorite of stock market enthusiasts since they feel that by investing in them they are in a way encouraging the research, production and use of these alternative energies. Energy stocks have made their appearance in the stock market since 2000 and by the look of it have attracted many long term and short term stock trading enthusiasts.

2011 is already upon us and there are many ‘best stocks for 2011’, ‘energy stocks to buy now 2011’, ‘good stocks to buy now 2011’ lists almost everywhere you look on the Internet. A common stock market investor can be confused between the various company names that feature in these. There is plenty of hot money flowing into alternative energy stocks these days and solar stocks seems to be a craze. Not that there are any new revolutionary solar cell manufacturing technology that has been unearthed, but precisely for the reason that common investors understand the concept of solar energy easily. Alternative energy stocks usually see serious stock investors investing in the top alternative energy companies like ADM, for long term.

Why to Invest in Stocks of Companies Dealing with Alternative Energy

Energy stocks are good long term investment since there are many countries that are vying for alternate source of energy for oil especially in the ever increasing price of oil scenario. Alternative energy would mean renewable sources of energy like solar power, natural gas, wind power etc. There are many companies which have their hands dipped in alternative energy research and production.

The time is right, if you want to invest in stocks of energy companies. You can research the lists of best stocks to buy now 2011 which would be available with stock brokers, brokerage firms and on the Internet and choose which stocks to buy now. If you are not averse to the risk element in the stock market, you can invest in penny stocks of energy companies. Just make sure that the information about the company you invest in is genuine. Getting help from a professional broker would go a long way in making right choices with regard to what stocks to buy now.

A financial planner would be able to guide you in selecting top 10 stocks to buy in 2011 in energy companies. You can begin with purchasing penny stocks, this ensures that your initial investment is small. Analyze the stock quotes prior to making your investment decisions.


Hotels in Delhi

New Delhi, the capital and the third largest city of India is known for its cultural diversity and hospitality. Being the centre of an important tourism and business destination, Delhi attracts many tourists from various corners of India and the world. Delhi’s glorious past, magnificent monuments, rich culture and shopping zones are what captivates the visitors. To accommodate this great influx of travelers there are hundreds of hotels in Delhi. Many of the well known hotels in India are located in Delhi. One can find a suitable accommodation within their budget. The various hotels at Delhi provide luxury accommodation for the travelers according to their comfort and suitability.

Most of the hotels are ideally situated at the prime locations of Delhi such as Connaught Place, Paharganj, Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh or near the Delhi International airport which provides an easy access to all the major attractions, historical monuments and markets in and around the capital. The hotels are characterized as deluxe hotels, budget hotels, first class hotels, medium class hotels and economy hotels in Delhi. These hotels are a fusion of warm Indian cordiality and international standards of service which provides all the dining and recreational facilities such as multi cuisine restaurants, all air conditioned rooms, 24 hour room service,  attached baths with running hot & cold water, car parking facility, spa’s, bars and lounges, beauty parlors, gymnasiums and many more. They provide a wide variety of rooms as well, according to the customer’s convenience, which includes standard room, deluxe room, semi-deluxe room, superior room and family room- spacious, alluringly furnished and equipped with modern day facilities.

The travel services at the hotels provide pick up and drop facility from the airport, guided city sight seeing, car rentals etc. The highly motivated and dutiful staff at these hotels ensures a warm and personalized service to make the stay a memorable experience. Of all the different varieties of hotels available the budget hotels have a distinctive feature, that is, it suits your pocket plus keeps you satisfied with its services. Being a perfect blend of atmosphere, ambiance and facilities it allures both business as well as the leisure traveler. The luxury hotels stand out among the rest because of its various attributes-luxurious elegance, exquisite interiors, impeccable service, artistically furnished room and suites. They even offer banquet halls for the guests to organize all types of events-from a corporate meeting to private parties and even huge wedding ceremonies. Moreover, to guarantee the security of the guests, they have strict rules and regulations.

Apart from all the world class facilities extended by the hotels in Delhi they even offer different pocket friendly bounty deals that can be availed by the vacationers according to their convenience. The booking to one of the hotels in Delhi can be made through the internet or the tour operators in Delhi who helps to arrange one’s stay and travel services on their tour to Delhi. The hotels do their utmost to leave an everlasting impression on its guests and make their stay pleasurable.

Finance UK

Angel Investors, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship – Venture Giant

Zip Holidays has now partnered exclusively with to assist it in locating its funding requirements. Company CEO of Zip Holidays has stated that the company required funding and after much research chose Venture Giant because it is positioned to assist in helping Zip Holidays locate a suitable angel investor in the travel industry.Venture Giant a premier UK business angel investment network and small to mid sized business networking portal that matches active business angel investors with entrepreneurs’ seeking investment angel capital and business funding.

Angel Investors and entrepreneurship in UK

The total pool of Angel Investor capital available at Venture Giant is over Ј180 million at time of writing and is growing every day.

We have all watched the hugely successful BBC television show The Dragons’ Den and many of us either feel the pain of how difficult it is for these innovative entrepreneurs to get the hard to find angel capital for their business ideas or, aspire to be like the successful dragons on the show and want to be able to access these exciting start-up companies.

Venture Giant was created to bridge this gap, make the deal flow sourcing process much easier and accessible and simply make it a win/win for all parties involved.

Business Angel Investors

Many people with a little extra cash are turning to seed and early-stage type of investments as a result of all the press around huge buy-outs and pay days for early investors in many start-ups’. None perhaps better known than Google which saw one angel investor make over $1 billion (Ј500 million) from an initial investment of just $100,000 (Ј50,000)!

The list continues with such success stories as YouTube, Yahoo, eBay and many believe the next major buy-out to be Facebook who sold a 1.6% Equity stake for a staggering US $240m valuing the social networking giant at US $15 billion. Chances are this company was launched like many of the others with a handful of early-stage investors with a reasonable amount of money to get started.

If you are an Entrepreneur looking for angel funding or angel investment by angel investors for your start-up or established business then Venture Giant is possibly the only resource you will need during your search for early-stage, seed investment capital or business financing to kick-start your new business or expand your existing business.

Are you an Angel Investor?

If you are an Angel Investor actively seeking to invest your money in more rewarding and profitable ways, then Venture Giant has the most extensive collection of start-up proposals for Angel Investors, geared towards seed or early-stage investment, all rounds of funding, expansion/growth capital, and research & development (R&D) funding.

Venture Giant also offers Angel Investors a free filtered deal-flow daily or monthly email from some of the UK’s most talented entrepreneurs’.

For more information, visit ‘Making Entrepreneurs & Investors, rich’ or


A Review of Food and Mobile Catering Companies in UK

We often have so many events to celebrate and fall wondering that how can we accomplish these celebrations? Partying can be a very effective way, but a party cannot be thought of without the inclusion of delicious dishes. UK food catering standards suggest strict regulations to maintain food quality. This is an issue that is directly concerned with public health. Further, food catering companies not only find projects such as event management, wedding, birthdays, etc., but also find many a things to do in the bars, pubs, and restaurants. The UK food catering standards are amply designed to match with the complicated requirements of food safety and nutrition in the broader sense. In such circumstances, what would you expect from a food mobile catering company? Idyllically, food catering companies must comply with the safety standards along with the market demands. In these days of complicated industry and commerce, requirements have diversified aplenty. This has given rise to the tendency to multi task. Multitasking coupled with innovative catering and food technology can put a food catering company at the frontline. You must look for the added facilities that the food catering companies can provide you. The food catering company can further provide you with quality party supplies, expert personnel, innovative menus, quality fittings for the event concerned and proven reliability. When you are going to choose a suitable firm from the list of the standard food catering companies, you must check for the permits, registrations, and certificates that the company has. The legal aspects are crucial, and always avoid the parallel operators who are neither reliable nor proficient.

When it comes to the very subject of food safety, sustainability, and processing, we often run out of proper knowledge and resources. Even in the twenty first century UK, one may hear of occurrences of botulism, food poisoning, and MRSA. Are these occurrences purely accidental or exceptional? Proper food habits are very necessary for both the individual and his community. It may be suggested in the light of recent researches that we must still develop proper knowledge in the sphere of food and nutrition. Of course, the food catering companies have lots of things to do in this regard. Catering and processing should be lenient to the food quality and its natural flavour. The UK food catering enterprises are striving consistently and rivalling each other to come up with more innovation and nutrition consciousness. Increasing health awareness among the consumers has given rise to different food habits. In the cosmopolitans like London, multiplicity of ethnicities has added to the diversities of food habits. The food catering companies must look forward to professionally tackle these problems. Somebody may avoid spicy food, while others might like it. For example, Indian curry and other cuisines have become very popular due to the marvellous flavours. Somebody may like the Chinese dishes, while others might indulge in the American variety of junk food. The triumph of McDonald’s and KFC has already testified such tendencies in the public. The food catering companies cannot and do not overlook these trends. The sincerity on the part of the UK food catering companies can be testified by the fact that many of them are coming up with more diversified and adaptable menus. An ideal UK standard London based food catering company thus amply meets with the diverse needs of the Vegans, Koshers, Halals, and Vegetarians. A corporate level UK food catering scheme must also address the problems of those who have an allergy to specific foods.

An industry standard food catering company must have several schemes and specialty services. A few of them can be like Celebration Catering, Wedding, Dinning Dinner Parties, Canapé Parties, and Corporate Events Catering. In doing professional catering, a premier food catering company can provide more to you by finding the following:

1. Photographer (still and movie)

2. DJ/ Live Music/ Entertainment

3. Limousine/Chauffeur Services

4. Floral Decorations and Interior Designing

5. Mobile Bar-Services, Chocolate Fountains, etc.

6. Event Planner and Local Accommodation Finder

7. Toastmaster

8. Umbrella-Coatroom/ Coat Stands Service.

9. Table Decorations and Marquees

10. Valet Parking coupled with Meet & Greet Services.

To find reliable catering services across the UK, one may examine to the contemporary listings and directories available in the UK markets. Conceivably, the most popular food catering companies of UK are Empty Plates Catering, Purple Grape Catering, Japanese Ideas, Planet Cake, Sterling Service, Truffle Hunters, and The Flying Hog. More in the lists, the less popular but standard food catering companies are Gospoda Polish Pub and Restaurant, Delightful Dining, Smith and Jennings Event Caterers, Riverbank Hospitality Catering, Adams Cuisine, etc. These lists are not restricted only within the metropolitan area of London. The catering services assorted and scrutinized in this way can give you a comprehensive picture of the UK food catering industry. The diverse cultural attributes of these food catering companies vary with flavours from all over the world, ranging from European countries like Poland and France to the Asian ones like Japan, China, and India.

The prime food catering companies are working hard to adjust with the demands of corporate arrangements. The challenges in the corporate sphere do not restrict themselves only within the limits of Event Management. Corporate parties may become platforms of international business treaties and deals, building up client relationship, and even take strategic decisions. An agile group of competent staffs and premier industry standard services are generally looked for. UK has a rich tradition and culture along with an emerging ethnically diversified population. Tourist and businessmen are always flooding in and out the island nation throughout the year. Inn fact, capital of any country can be reached within twenty four hours if you start from the Heathrow Airport, London. The antiquity of the nation and the historic sights are really attractive even in the twenty first century. Hence, complexities are increasing as the food catering industries are getting merged with Event Management, Hotel Management, Tourism, Business Communication, Technology, and Aesthetics. Hence, the food catering companies really need to innovate along with their British traditions in the modern Britain.


Asian Wedding Catering in London and UK

Amongst all weddings in Asia, Indian weddings are extremely famous for their food and traditional rituals that bond two people for eternity. The marriage ceremony often stays as drawing discussions due to their emotional value. Being so closed to heart, it therefore gets crucial for the host to put their best foot forward and organize the ceremony in the best ways possible.

Out of all the wedding preparations, catering and food are vital ingredients that add on the most. Therefore the first thing to consider while thinking of the ceremonies is to look for an Asian catering company that delivers local cuisines in a foreign land and thus recreates that nostalgic feel for all the guests and specialises in weddings and receptions. However as Asia has many different kinds of cuisines, it gets important to check the competency of the various Asian wedding catering companies.

Though most hosts, mostly Indians and Pakistanis living in London, root for Indian or Pakistani food due to their guest, it is also important to find an Asian wedding catering company that can deliver a wide range of food items. To further accentuate the experience, ensure that Asian wedding catering companies are experienced as well can handle different themes and setting easily.

Essentials for Asian Wedding Catering

An Asian wedding catering company should not only be proficient with different tastes but also be adept at hosting events as well as managing the entire event till its eventuality. The following aspects of an Asian wedding catering must, therefore, be checked.


Catering does not only involves serving of food or welcoming drink but it also includes, glassware, crockery, cutlery, table cloths and napkins, serving utensils, candelabras, silk flowers and also the way the catering is done. There has been lot of new concepts added in the way catering is done so check for how much the Asian wedding catering companies are updated and what arrangements they can make easily.

Silver Service Meal

Guests are served by the waiter/ waitress or the dishes are placed on the individual tables for the guest to help themselves.

Multi Dish Karahi Stand Service

Under this service Karahi stand holds are kept at the time of serving the guests. These stands keep the food warm by getting a candle placed under the copper karahi dishes and guests help themselves.

Simple Buffet

Buffet meal is the most popular option among the Asians for the weddings or for the occasions where large number of guests has to be served. Such arrangements are made in the hall and the staff is engaged in serving the guests as well as maintaining the appropriate quantity of food.

Asian Wedding Catering: The Food & Wine

Normally, three- course meal is served by Asian wedding catering companies including the drinks/ soups/ juices. As Asian weddings are incomplete without a huge menu comprising of different food cuisines including Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, and others, better Asian wedding catering companies always offer you a huge list of food items to select from.

Mentioned below are a few food options that Asian wedding catering companies normally are proficient with:


The real essence of Indian food lies in the Indian spices, which provides aroma to the dishes. Normally Indian food is spicy. However for events such as weddings, it is best advised to ask for lesser spicy food that people with different taste can enjoy.

Some of the dishes which are mostly added to any Indian cuisine are mixed vegetable, Shahi Panner, kadhai Paneer, Dal Makhani, In the non vegetarian menu food items like kadayi chicken, Biryani, Korma and stew are popular.


Thai cuisine is famous for its good blend of hot and chilly spices. As Thai food is predominantly sea food, ingredients such as fishes and herbs are the most common ingredients. Most Thai cuisine are made after stirring, baking or grilling. Coconut milk is the most important ingredient used in a plethora of Thai dishes.

Thai desserts normally have dishes made of mangoes, papaya, grapes or melon.


Lebanese cuisine belongs to the western Asia and is normally made up of starch, vegetables and fishes. Lebanese cuisines are based on poultry more than red meat. The food items are mostly baked, grilled or sauté in the olive oil. Creams and butter are avoided. The focus is kept on the herbs, fresh ingredients with the right amount of spices. ‘Mezze’ is the drink served with Lebanese food. One famous Lebanese desert is Baklava.



Japanese cuisine is famously known for its freshness and the relationship with the seasons. Japanese cuisines combine the staple food items like rice and noodles together with some soup and okazu. Most dishes are made using fish, vegetables, meat and even tofu. The essence is added by using dashi, miso and also soy sauce.

A standard Japanese meal includes different types of okazu accompanied wit the white Japanese rice and a bowl of soup with some pickles.


Russian cuisines have a combination of good quantity of poultry, mushrooms, berries, fishes and honey as their ingredients. Rice, wheat and millet are also used for pancakes, cereals, beer and vodka. Russian cuisine exudes flavourful soups and strews.


Asian Wedding Catering Companies and Knowledge of Culture

Besides the food, the biggest differentiator between Asian weddings and western weddings is the traditions and culture. Therefore it gets central to the selection procedure that the Asian catering company you choose, have professionals that understand the various traditions and thus stay ahead of time for effective arrangements.  After all, every tradition stays so close to the hearts of the guests as well as the families that a slight delay or disorganization can mar the fun.

Therefore knowledge of the various traditions and the way they are practiced is central for any Asian wedding catering company. The staff should be completely aware and organized. Normally, wedding catering companies assign one team head for every occasion to supervise the various elements of the party. Therefore, check for all these factors in any Asian wedding catering company to make the best decision.

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Find modern office furniture in Delhi, India. Really good stuff!

One of my good friends has started an office furniture business. A couple of months ago he decided to go online with the entire catalogue etc. I did some research into this market and despite finding quite a few searches on Google India per month, I’m a bit skeptical about people buying this thing online. Secondly – if you do end up getting top rankings for “office furniture”, then its your corporate responsibility to deliver throughout India, else just market it for Delhi related keyphrases? We’ve been brain storming about all that. Here’s an article by him that explains how to choose office furniture. All the best to him! And boy, his stuff is really very good!

Choose the best Office Furniture Design in 3 easy steps

Around the world, there are various websites that offer office furniture but with so much choice, how do you go about choosing the best designs for your office furniture?
Following are some guidelines that’ll help you figure out how to choose the best furniture design for your office:

  • Be specific about what you need to buy – Don’t just waste your time browsing eye catching images. With numerous office furniture websites available, I would personally recommend you to first decide what exactly you want to buy for your office. Lets say you want to buy Storage Racks for your office. Then you must search specifically for Office Storage Racks rather than searching for Office Furniture. The reason being that when you would search for Office Furniture, you would also get results for Office Chairs, Office Bookshelves, Office Almirahs, Office Cabinets, Office Lockers etc. which is not your focus right now. So be specific whenever you search for a keyword. You don’t want to spend your time viewing good pictures of Office Lockers and Cabinets when you don’t want to buy them.
  • Checkout multiple websites for good bargains. While choosing furniture online, you must checkout at least 5 websites and see what all products they have to offer. All the websites must be different in designs but they would offer more or less similar products. Its very important to choose your design and then compare it on different websites for product features and maintenance features. Checking out other websites might also help you to discover some special offers which might not be available on a single website.
  • Don’t hesitate in requesting a quote. Often online visitors don’t request for a price quote. I think this is high time that they should understand that not all products which are sold online have a price tag attached with them. It is perfectly normal and often suggested for an online customer to ask for a price quote and a good bargain on a price that the seller is offering. It just takes less than 30 seconds to fill a small contact/request quote form and ask for a good bargain on the price. Alternately, it doesn’t even take 5 seconds to make a call to the vendor and negotiate on the prices. So if you need a good bargain on a product, do fill that small form and/or negotiate with the vendor.

I am sure all the aforesaid points will help you choose the right furniture for your office.

Don’t hesitate in requesting a quote.

Want Financial Investment Advice? Explore Venture Giant

This is a guest article from Angel Investors UK

Are you looking for a good place to go for financial investment advice? Venture Giant is a business investment network based in the United Kingdom. This is one of the premier companies engaged in financial investment, with an online portal for investors as well as those running businesses. Both small and large scale entrepreneurs and investors register at Venture Giant and with the high quality of service offered here, both investors and entrepreneurs have access to helpful financial investment advice. The team at Venture Giant surveys potential investment ideas that are likely to generate profits and presents them to potential investors who can browse through the various opportunities available before deciding on which one to go in for. A wide range of business ideas are offered by the numerous entrepreneurs who are registered at Venture Giant.

The investors are regularly provided with filtered deal flow notifications from Venture Giant. This allows them to be informed about exciting offers and financial plans by email. These updates and recommendations are based on the potential of the businesses concerned, so that investors can take advantage of the best opportunities. Venture Giant is ideal for an investor as well as for as for an entrepreneur, with a great team that has the know-how to set up deals that benefit everyone concerned. The team at Venture Giant even helps entrepreneurs to present a business plan that describes the risks and benefits of investment in their businesses.

Financial investment advice can be very useful when it comes to managing one’s money.  It has to benefit people at present as well as in the future. You have to save money for your expenses and also earn profit for future use after retirement. Financial planning involves the proper budgeting of your income. This should include expenses like utilities, rent and food. Until you know the risks involved in an investment you cannot manage your finance in an organised way. You also need to set aside about 20% of your income as savings. This is what the experts say but rules change according to your requirements. Financial investment advice should always be based on your needs.

High risks are involved in any financial investment. As such it is important to have a management plan for both your short term as well as your long term benefits. High risks mean more profit. But you have to judge your financial balance properly before making any commitments for the investment plan. This kind of planning in advance is of great benefit. Chalk out a plan before you leap into any investment in the market.

Financial investment is made in bonds, assets, mutual funds and shares that give long-term benefits to an investor. Advice on financial investment includes suggestions on how to manage finances in a disciplined way. A financial advisor has to look into the financial background of an investor before putting forward any suggestions to an advisor. Opinions on financial investment do not happen by chance. It needs a team of experienced individuals who have proper knowledge to give effective financial investment advice. This experience, and the experts’ understanding of the economic market helps them to offer sound financial investment advice.

Any new and upcoming business decision can turn out to be the next best thing in the market. Every big enterprise like Google, uSwitch or eBAy first started off as a small idea which grew to be enormously successful. Any new, potentially profitable ideas can come from big, medium-sized or even small entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to invest in their business. Financial investment advice is useful for an entrepreneur as well, since he or she can learn how to attract investment.

Most small business operators are unaware of the various ways in which they can raise funds. To attract investment in their businesses, they need to present their ideas to the investors. Financial advisors and other consultants help them to present an overview of their business and products or services in a manner that appeals to potential investors. The team of experts studies the plan and suggests amendments. The plan is then presented to prospective investors.   Financial investment advice can be useful to entrepreneurs in this way.

To achieve your dream you have to work towards it, and professional help from a financial advisor is very useful here. They will review a business plan to ensure that it is attractive to an informed investor. Market conditions change over time, and policies and products should be adjusted to these changing demands.  Unless the investor is likely to benefit, he or she is unlikely to invest in a business.